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Instructions and Help about Subcontractor agreement colorado

Applause hello good evening Paris Paris hi good evening err coffee thank you so much for calling so we have about 20 minutes today okay well I don't have a lot of questions I guess I just have four hopefully more won't be born out of those four maybe maybe not tell me what is it you want to do okay well I have a business that I run a financial services business I prinvestment advice and also investment solutions and insurance solutions for clot for individual clients and small businesses okay is that the same thing that you want to do in the government space that is exactly what I do want to do in the government space and I want to do it more or less for small businesses as opposed to individuals okay how that works well funny you should ask because today was actually my first step into doing the research to see how that how that looked so I spoke with the procurement specialist today I'm in Alabama now I'm from New York but I'm now doing business in Alabama and I spoke to a procurement specialist and he advised that I prlike some sort of teaching service by way of subcontracting to small businesses and perhaps markable myself through that Avenue I'm trying to get my thoughts together okay from what I'm hearing it sounds like you are offering a service to businesses however when we teach there are people who want to offer services to the government which is different now there are programs where the government pays contractors to teach small businesses and I think that was that that's what he was alluding to yes exactly right the first thing I would tell you is to go out and identify those contracts what do they look like and who's behind them and then that to me would help clarify a lot of this whether or not you should be a consultant or whether they should be actual contractor okay so let me give you an example what I what I found out is like entities like the Department of Transportation I guess that would be like a local government or what have you they have programs specifically for small businesses like maybe courses and there's segments within those courses that are contracted out to different business owners to prteaching and I guess general maybe specialized areas that the small businesses should gain information on so to speak and there's like a year-long or maybe a two-year long contract with that sort of entity to prthat service to small business that makes sense so are you convinced do you have the ability to do it absolutely I do so then why would you why would you consider being a consultant versus actually being a contractor and doing this service yourself um there's that that's the I don't know what I don't know and that was the reason for.


What should I do when I lied in an interview about my past salary (to get a better job offer) and now they want a copy of my last printed paycheck?
What should I do when I lied in an interview about my past salary (to get a better job offer) and now they want a copy of my last printed paycheck?
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