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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing General letter of agreement for graphic design

Instructions and Help about General letter of agreement for graphic design

This is a quick video on topics you can include in a janitorial or commercial cleaning proposal the first page is a cover letter where you can just outline what your company is about maybe how many years you've been in business 20 buildings your service industry specialize in right here is a very proposition that you can drop in safety would be good for something like manufacturing or distribution some government jobs might have to find something else for Class A office space or medical or safety might not be as important you next page you can create a price page we just outline what the monthly cost is what the annual cost is if sales taxes is included or not the days of week the hours that you'll be providing the service if dave porter service is included and during what hours you specialty services what specialty services are included on what rotation if it's an extra charge then what is that extra charge building cleaning schedule the frequency of all the different tasks I think using a table is actually a lot easier so you might want to create a table in Microsoft Word and I think it's a lot easier to look at but this is just an example what tasks you will complete any offices common areas restrooms break room they have a plain area who include of course who includes the paper products who's paying them you or the plant or the client you safety rules safety is very important in a lot of industries not all but in a lot of industries listing your safety program what the rules are how often you meet when you have sign offs if you have some kind of a safety booklet your hiring policy how you find people what the process is training uniforms do use badges this is a desk cleaning can always be problematic so it's always good to either create a flyer or you can create a little rap card to put on people's desks so that we we don't ever have to touch any of their personal belongings your inspection process how often are you inspecting obviously is weekly for a larger account it might be daily what you are inspecting your training checklist you can list how you train people what are the tasks how often you go over it with them how long you work with a new employee for training you equipment capabilities again this is going to go company to company contract to contract which you can list the different pieces of equipment that you're going to bring on the job especially if it's any big investments that you need to bring in also your detergents if there's anything unique that you need to point out for your the different cleaning chemicals you use this is a good good time to let them know you and of course client testimonial client testimonial is very very effective this.


How much does a graphic designer charge?
Charging for graphic design services depends on many things. I charge by project. It saves them money and they know going in how much something will cost. I also always add a provision to include a note that any additional work that goes beyond that estimate/quote is charged by the hour (insert your hourly rate) and that you would notify them as soon as you get to that point before sending any surprise invoices. They don’t like that. But the rate you use to figure how much you would charge per project is based on your hourly rate. If you eit will take you 10 hours to do a project from start to finish and your hourly rate is $50 (that’s low for a pro and freelance) then your rate could be $450 total + any additional work that goes beyond the scope of the project. They are getting a “deal” doing it as a project. I never give them a number when someone asks how much I charge per hour…because that’s not how I work my fees. I tell them I charge by project because it gives them a better rate and they know going in how much it’ll cost. You have to be specific when you give the quote. Include how many revisions and timelines. You should stick to your timeline but know that they won’t necessarily stick to theirs. Keep that in mind. AND…if they have a deadline that you are trying to meet, if they take too long to get you changes (based on the timeline you created) then that also changes when the project can be done. You can’t add time to a clock. Be very clear about what and how you will deliver. This is all based on your experience. Don’t charge pro prices if you don’t know what you’re doing. Over promise. Under deliver. If you are new to design, do some research and see what other newbies are charging. Be better. Better service. Better goods. Listen. As you do projects you’ll gain a better perspective on what to charge. You’ll lose on some initially. Heck, it even happens as you get more experienced sometimes (if you like the people). Just don’t get sucked in to them adding to the project beyond the scope. Always be professional. Test the waters. Have fun. Work hard. ALWAYS be learning more. Rock on.
If an airline diverted to an out of the way airport, how do they pay to refuel the plane? Do they wire a transfer, letter of credit? How do these airlines in general pay for fuel all over the world?
We used Corporate checks that were always supplied. If those were not honored, corporate fuel credit cards and a call to them usually fixed us up. It's not as dramatic as it is in the movies. Any vendor that has a spare 25,000+ gallons of Jet-A in stock at an airport with a tanker is a serious player. They want your business. When preparing a flight plan, you always have an alternate airport prepared. That includes refueling. If it really gets crazy and you need to fly to a third alternate, we always used to plan for landing at a military installation. Because if it's that desperate, you're declaring an emergency at that point and running out of fuel.I only had to fly to an unplanned alternate once in my entire career. And it was when I was flying a Twin Otter in the Pacific Northwest. The weather suddenly went for a dump with low lying fog everywhere. I did a U-turn decision 5 minutes after getting an updated inflight Weather report. I didn't mess around knowing that fog can outlast the planes fuel supply 100% of the time and landed at the nearest airport with Jet-A.Upon landing, the local FBO operator mosied up and said if I needed fuel. We didn't have Corporate cards, only my own, which would have busted through my credit limit. I called home base and they talked to the FBO and they faxed over payment details and the FBO filled us up.Those were the days….I do know of one African based B-747–200 freighter that had to land at an 3rd alternate after getting near bare minimums. Paying for the fuel wasn't the problem. Having a spare 15,000 gallons was, which was barely 30% of its capacity. The crew had tried to make a deal with the regular schedule carrier using that airport, to see if they could buy some of their presold supply. The carrier said no. 10 hours later they had a different deal with another freight outfit. Two DC-10's would arrive with full tanks. Each would then defuel to the FBO tanker 7,500 gallons, which in turn, refueled the B-747.That fuel cost a small fortune and the FBO made a nice commission for the use of the tanker. Took an entire day to sort it out and they flew out the next morning.
How do I write letter to terminate an agreement for conflict of interest?
Elaborate please. Do you know what type of contract it was or what the contract involved? Or even, better tell me how you made the agreement because the agreement itself may not have been worthy of being 'a contract', rather a mutual agreement.Are you under the employ of this person/party? If not, this next section might not be of any use.I can't claim to know about every aspect of contracts because I mainly focus on employment, loan agreements and copyright/licensing contracts. Basically stuff that the self-employed business woman will know so I may be able to answer but I do need specifics.I CAN tell you though, that if you agreed to work for someone you MUST read the contract to see if you are allowed to terminate your contract. Some companies DO have clauses that can affect whether you can terminate you contract and might include reparations or even lawsuits if you. Most contracts will allow you to just notify the employer, however, in some industries it will be different. Especially in industries where money and progress will be lost when you terminate. Specify, and I might be able to tell you and also, READ the WHOLE contract in DETAIL. Very important.
I am contracting a graphic design company from another country to do some work for me. What can I do to defend myself if they fail to keep their end of the agreement?
Good question. I think the best way to start is to only hire this person if you really love their portfolio. There are a lot of good, and a lot of bad, designers in the world. So find someone whose portfolio you really like, and then trust them. Next, simply breakdown you're project into smaller pieces. So instead of agreeing to pay someone $XX,XXXX to design your website, maybe pay them a much smaller amount to design a single screen. See how well they response to your positive feedback and more forward from there.Be sure and do your best to communicate what you are after. You can't lay all the blame on a contractor for disappointing result if you failed to establish the objective. If they are professional they will most likely send you some questionnaire with questions about your brand image, demographic, competitors, competitive advantages, designs and styles you like, etc. Also be sure you discuss your budget with them to confirm they'll be able to work within your means. But even if you propose an overall budget for the project, you can still break things down into smaller milestones, to ensure you don't bet the farm.Finally, if things don't appear to be going in the right direction, keep your cool. Designer's aren't mind readers. So try and stay positive and do your best to constructively explain what you'd like changed. Sometimes it can be very frustrating when you want to move forward quickly and you're spending money and things aren't turing out like you want. But do your best to stay processional and positive. We all dream that our contractors will be able to solve all our problems on-time and on-budget, but things often don't fall into place as smooth and easy as we wish. So lowering your expectations a bit is probably a good idea. It's your project, so success ultimately depends a lot on you.Here are some search results with additional tips on managing designers:How to Manage a Design Project | Marketign MOHow to manage other designers: 10 expert tips
Which colleges should I prefer to fill for counselling for BJMC in IP University (Ranked 1336, General, out of Delhi)?
That is a good rank overall.And you should give preference in order like1.Vips.2.Jims(VK)3.JimsThen Others.And your rank is gonna get better in further counselling because of the students who leave the the counselling for their respective prospects like DU, CA, CS etc. Preferably you should go for VIPS because of the campus and faculty.Best wishes.
In general, how many years does it take for a student to become a professional graphic and web designer?
A general rule of thumb to become a professional in a field is 10,000 hours. I believe this is from start to finish, as long as you are immersed in it and learning the whole time. I believe this can be days, weekends, or bit by bit after your full-time job if you haven't switched over yet. If you have been studying for 2 years, it is likely that you have improved somewhat since you began. As you go along, you notice design and marketing trends, learn software programs and internet programming languages, and learn how to help clients. It may be hard to see your progress if you look at what you have not yet learned and the fact that other people are still ahead of you. If you're concerned that you're not learning quickly enough, consider talking about the areas you want to improve in with actual professionals. Do some more research online and read about the things you want to learn about. 10,000 hours means there is a strong learning curve, but that if you keep at it, you can get it.
As a web designer, did you switch from designing in a graphic editor to designing in the browser? If yes, how has it worked out for you?
I made the switch about a year ago. I think I sort of found my own flow with it though. I feel like I grew up with photoshop, having used it since v.1 so it took some getting used to. In those "old" days, I could slam together a design concept in a matter of a few hours in photoshop. But with responsive it does not demonstrate that at all so it falls flat when it comes to presenting the concept to a client. I recall having to describe what "could be happening" when you click or hover or whatever which is okay if your client has a good imagination but that can be asking a lot of a client.So by designing in the browser it allows to immediately address front end dev concerns and demonstrate responsive to clients as well as all the functionality I care to show them which is much better than describing it. It does however take me a lot longer because I'm basically creating the actual site, prototype though it may be. So the time to get a concept to a client is increased BUT once the overall design is accepted the time to finish the site is practically none. So from the clients perspective the site is "launch ready" super fast. Clients also enjoy seeing a 99% completed concept I've found... It really helps sell the concept seeing it functionally working. It puts them closer to the finish line and I actually get far fewer design revisions. I will say that all of this wouldn't be possible without a solid team you trust and thorough creative briefs, project management and understanding of the client's goals and needs. Overall I'm quite happy with the process.
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